Established in order to serve the business communities in Tianjin China and in Israel to promote and establish mutual cooperation and technology sharing
Our services

Our services

Israel - Tianjin Business Office mission is to promote the business and technology exchange and cooperation between Israeli companies and Tianjin Chinese companies, with priority given to the companies based in Tianjin Binhai High Tech Development Zone and to the Israeli companies who are members of Israel - China Chamber of Commerce (IsCham).

In order to achieve its set mission and to successfully increase the business ties between the 2 countries, Israel -Tianjin Business office will provide to the targeted business communities the following services:

1. Will maintain an active and interactive web site which will bring relevant information about Israel and Tianjin business environment, about featured companies in each place, and will create a platform for exchange of Business opportunities.

2. Will organize business seminars for companies from the same industrial/business field.

3. Will arrange and assist in arranging professional delegation, exhibitions and conference.

4. Will arrange specific "one on one" meetings and information exchange between individual companies from both sides who having a common interest for cooperation.

5. Will obtain and provide specific business/technology information to companies who are interested in a certain specific field or technology. 

We are willing to learn about your interests and your ideas how to improve our activities for the benefit of all the companies and for better cooperation.

Please contact us for any suggestion that you have how to improve!